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DIY | Vinyl Craft Table Cover | Ikea Hack


DIY | Kids vinyl craft table cover | Ikea Hack

DIY | Kids vinyl craft table cover | Ikea Hack

I have been working very hard this past month to get my office/sewing room/creative work space a big makeover! I am so excited to be in the “putting it all together” stage now! There will be a post coming soon of the before and after photos. I just love how it looks and it is so functional for my needs to design newborn photography props! In the meantime, here is a sneak peak into an area of my space that I have turned into my children’s craft/drawing area.

I could not find a round children’s table that suited the look I was after or was big enough for what I wanted.  So I ended up doing a little Ikea Hack on the Vejmon Coffee table!  It was the perfect diameter and height but it had a second shelf underneath the table top.

I liked it but my children would not be able to get their knees under the table.  So I simply just left the lower shelf out when I assembled it!  I was concerned about it being wobbly but it is just fine and sturdy!! LOVE!  So I had the table with the look I wanted but was concerned how the laminate  top would wear to paint, water, glue, markers etc.  So next came a removable vinyl table top cover!


m a t e r i a l s   |  cost $9

  • 45″ x 45″  size of vinyl (8 gauge)
  • 90″ of elastic 1″ wide
  • straight pins
  • safety pin


s t e p  1  |

Lay the vinyl on a hard floor surface. Turn the table upside down.

s t e p  2  |

Take a ruler and measure 3″ from the edge of table. Make a dot marking with a sharpie every couple of inches all the way around the table. This will make a dotted circle 3″ wider then the actual table to make a template to cut the vinyl.

s t e p  3 |

Cut the vinyl with scissors following the dotted line you have measured out.

s t e p  4  |

Fold the vinyl over about 2″ to make a casing. Use straight pins to pin it.  You will have to make and pin down little pleats in the vinyl as you go around.

s t e p  5  |

Sew the casing all around. I used a regular needle and white thread. Make sure to leave a 1.5 ” opening.

s t e p  6  |

Secure the end of elastic to a large safety pin.  Here is the hard part! Push pin and elastic through the opening and all around back and out of the opening.

s t e p  7 |

Fit the cover over the table.  Pull the elastic as tight as you can so the cover is snug over the edge of the table. Tie the two ends in a double knot and trim the ends.  Push the elastic into the casing and sew the opening shut.

s t e p  8  |

Here is what your finished cover looks like completed!

s t e p  9 |

Now stretch it back over the table and voila! You are finished!

p u t    t o    t h e    t e s t |

As soon I was finished my children promptly covered the table with glue, glitter, ribbon, paper etc! I sat back and enjoyed watching them make art knowing their new craft table was protected! So easy to clean with a damp cloth too!

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