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Business Name|Lemonade & Lenses


Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/lemonadeandlenses

Prize Donating |A subscription to digital issues for the rest of 2012 – $35 value

Thank you Lexi for being a vendor in the photo contest!  Lemonade & Lenses publish a gorgeous monthly photographers magazine.  It is now even being published in print!  There is also a blog that is an open forum for questions, thoughts, and industry shares.




Tell us a little about yourself and your business.
My name is Lexi Vornberg and I am a portrait photographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I started Lemonade and Lenses last June as a gathering group for local photographers to meet, chat, eat and be merry.  After our local gathering group was formed L&L branched into a blog and from there into a digital magazine that eventually became a printed magazine.   And here I am today.


 How long have you been in business and what inspired you to start?
Lemonade and Lenses has been around since June 13th 2011.   I really didn’t like all the negativity in the industry about photographers being friends. Yes we are all competing but then again we all love the same thing so why can’t we hang out and leave business behind a few times a year.   I then wanted to expand that into a blog and by the time I decided to turn L&L into a magazine my brain was just filled with ideas to help other photographers.


What do you like the most about your job?
Being able to make the photography community a better place.



How do you come up with inspirations for new ideas?
We have so many amazing contributors for our magazine so all the inspiration comes from them 😉

How do you balance your business and family life?
HAHA, my business is my family life.  I only 23 so I don’t have children yet and my husband works 8-5 so I work 8-5 and then some.  I truly enjoy what I do so I don’t always see it as work.





Thank you so much Lexi! x

Now go check out the amazing photos that have been entered so far! Vote for your favourite! You may enter photos up until June4th.  So there still is time!! Final entries and voting ends on June 4th at midnight PST. Winners announced June 5th.  Anyone may vote for your photo once per day. Make sure you ask for friends, family and fans to support you!  Share share to win!


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