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Photographer Interview | Melissa Avey Photography

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I am so excited to feature our very first Photographer Interview! Make sure you have joined the newsletter so you don’t miss out on more amazing interviews to come! If you would like to be featured fill in the easy form here.

First up is Melissa Avey Photography!  I adore her pastel coloured photos, that are very dream like!  You can follow her work on her website and facebook page.

Where do you live? Just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Tell us a bit about how you began your journey into photography. How long have you had your photography business?
I’ve been in the business for just about 3 years! I’ve always loved photography and was even obsessed with it as a kid. I love it!

melissa avery , photography, photo props


Describe your photography style. What invaluable lessons have you learned that helped you develop your distinct style?
I love creating images from the every day. Freezing moments and making art out of it. The biggest lesson I have honestly learned is to just do it how you do it. I love creating the images that truly speak to me and I only hope that others can enjoy them as well. If you start trying to be everyone else or please everyone you will soon realize how mixed up it will make you.

Are you formally taught or self taught? What has been the best form of education you have taken (workshop, mentor, online classes etc) if any?
A bit of both! I used to take a lot of workshops on Toronto and it was super fun. Honestly, I loved just getting out there with people who loved photography as well and really learning new things. I’ve also taken online workshops and had a bit of mentoring done that I feel have really been invaluable. Of course when you spend thousands of hours with a camera and photoshop you are bound to pick up some things on your own too!

melissa avery , photography, photo props

What is your favourite photography genre to photograph (newborn, maternity, family, weddings etc)? Why?
Children! There is something so incredible magical about everything kids do.

If you photograph newborns what is your favourite technique to get them to settle and sleep?
Ah! Newborns. I feel like I am so out of place with this one because I don’t do the typical newborn posing. I think it is such an amazing skill to have and I love squishy babies with their hands under their chin, and little sweethearts curled up in baskets. I mostly shoot in a lifestyle settings so although I do try to get sweet sleepy shots, it’s usually done in a non-traditional style. I do ask the parents to feed baby right before I come and try to settle them to sleep. My favourite thing about newborn sessions is when the parents let me cuddle them. I’m pretty good with getting little ones to sleep with my soothing hush and rock. But really, it’s for the warm snuggles.

melissa avery , photography, photo props

Natural available light or studio lighting? Studio or on location sessions?
Natural light mostly, but I believe in using whatever light is available to create an awesome image. There is no reason to say no to a strobe. Flash can be your friend! ( especially at weddings ) I don’t shoot studio at all.

Nikon or Canon, other? Favorite lens?
Nikon. My favourite lens is the 70-200mm vr ii 2.8

melissa avery , photography, photo props

How do you find the balance between work and your personal life?
I think a lot of “Momtogs” like myself know the value of taking advantage of the right time to get work done. It can honestly be very difficult. I think a lot of people don’t realize the amount of work on the backend that comes with this job, especially during busy season. There are countless hours spent editing, paperwork to log, taxes to file, marketing plans, marketing materials to design, website maintenance, client meetings, album designs…and…WHEW, more! Lucky for me my husband works a 4 on and 4 off schedule so we have found a great way to balance everything out that way. I usually work during naps and when the kids are in school.

If you had one piece of advice to give on how to co-ordinate and choose your props for a session, what would it be?
Really try to image how you want the images to look. What is the mood, what is the theme? If you’re going for a super bright and funky tween session then you might want some bright and punked out accessories. If you want a gentle and soft newborn session perhaps you would choose simple and soft fabrics to use.

melissa avery , photography, photo props

What is your favourite Baby Joy Studios Product? Why?
The headbands. They are some of the most beautiful I have come across. The look is EXQUISITE. Rosebud, Twinkle bow, and of course the one Jessica Simpson used for her baby girl!

What is your favourite photo you have taken and why?
I have this one photo of my daughter that just kills me every time I look at it. It’s funny because technically it isn’t my best work but her smile…wow. I have it in 16×20 in my living room with 2 of her brothers to match!
melissa avery , photography, photo props

What photographers do you admire and inspire you?
Brittany Woodall with Baby as Art, Vivian Meier, Magdalena Berny, Keri Meyers, Annie Leibovitz, My 5 old year old. Serious! ( kids see some pretty cool things 

melissa avery , photography, photo props

When you are not working, how do you love to spend your days? Hobbies, family, travel etc?
I love just being with my family to be honest. My husband is my best friend and we have a beautiful friendship and loving bond. I love curling up in bed with my 3 small children, tickling them and making them giggle, bike rides. I love cooking and I love traveling. I hope I will be able to do a lot more of that in the future. I’m a really simple person. I love a nice glass of red wine and a good episode of Vikings after a day with the kids.Melissa Avey Phtoography , Baby Joy Studios Photography Props

Thank you so much Melissa for sharing with us! Keep on eye on your inbox for another interview coming in next weeks newsletter! Share your own work here.


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