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Studio Lighting & Newborn Posing Photography Courses

Take a guess!  Is this photo taken using studio strobe lighting or natural window light? ……

The answer is Studio lighting! After taking the Milky Way {Illuminate} online lighting course I feel like my photos look more natural and life-like.  Like the light is wrapping around the subject with gorgeous shades of grey with black and white areas. Instead of a flat one- dimensional light that studio looking can look if not used correctly.  Once you learn to light your subjects correctly, not only does it look soft and dreamy but it is a breeze to edit afterwards!  My editing has been cut in half now that I can achieve the shot straight out of the camera and not have to adjust later in post.

In the course you learn to light your subjects in different positions so the light falls perfectly.  Plus maternity and child lighting is also covered.  The techniques I  learned I have been able to apply to all my different types of sessions.

I signed up to take the {Beyond the Beanbag} Newborn posing online course in the late summer.  It has a wealth of information and a ton of videos that you can watch and see exactly how the poses are created safely.  I am still working through this course but so far I am learning to not forget about the little details that can be missed in the big picture.  See the examples below the results from my latest session. Like hand placement and babies expression etc. I have kept to simple poses in the past but I look forward to learning more and trying out some new ones.  Plus I love the work flow tips they include.  How to change the same pose into a completely different looking photograph. This is especially great if you have a fussy baby!

This is the last chance to get into the courses this year! Check them out here.  Plus only until this Friday the early bird pricing is in effect! Get a great discount while it lasts. Plus plus…Lisa and Erin who have created these amazing courses are super sweet and genuine ladies! They have made a supportive facebook group for the alumni to help each other out with questions and critiques.  I would love to see your results too from the course in the forum! I hope this gives you the push you need to reach your photography goals for the New Year coming up.  All the best!! xo Rebecca

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